36 Hours Until the Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Our Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders coming from Florida are already on the road and Saturday will see everyone converging on the meeting place in Mt. Vernon, Virginia.

It you can’t ride with us, be at the fence in front of the White House [along Pennsylvania Avenue) at 12:15 PM on Sunday, 9/18, and be part of our photo shoot.

If you do, you’ll be part of history.

Follow our ride to Mt. Vernon at http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0RZFZ0QqhG2ZBOvnqlcj8zFKDC1axeY9I.

Just another day in Paradise. Warm regards, Robert

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48 Hours from the Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Riders are converging on Mt Vernon from Florida, Wisconsin, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania and California!

Here’s the link to the final route along the George Washington Parkway: http://g.co/maps/s696y

Even if you aren’t riding, please join us at the fence in front of the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue for our photo shoot. The Blue Bulb Brigade from Malecare will be there and many others.

Warm regards, Robert

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Prostate Cancer Pony Express in Juneau?

Prostate cancer gets lost again. . .
My wife and I finally made the time to take our Alaska cruise and when we stopped in Juneau we went to see the very nice people at the Governor’s Office.


I was able to get proclamations from the governors of Virginia and South Carolina during my Tour de USA for Prostate Cancer Awareness last summer, but no such luck. They were very nice but noted that they had just released a proclamation dealing with men’s health in general and felt that would do the trick.

How can we get the boys to talk about the boys?
Our gals are absolutely fearless when it comes to talking about breast cancer. I was in the outdoor shop at the Alyeska Resort yesterday and there they were – bunches of pink cycling socks with “Save the Ta-Tas.” But nothing about prostate cancer, even though there are more new prostate cancer cases each year than breast cancer.

Should we create a “Save the Boys” campaign?
This sounds like fun, but I’m not sure what image or logo we could get away using. If you have any good ideas, send us an email or post it here on the blog.

We need some help in Juneau!
The Prostate Cancer Pony Express to the Capitol Building in Washington , DC takes place on September 18th. How about some help there in Juneau? A bicycle ride or motorcycle ride to the state capitol building would be great publicity!

Warm regards, Robert

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September 18, 2011 is the day.

Will You Ride with Me on September 18th?

Most of you following this blog are motorcycle enthusiasts and some of you rode with me last summer on the inaugural Tour de USA.

Beginning in 2011, our prostate cancer motorcycle awareness rides will be “Prostate Cancer Pony Express” rides, part of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s Black Tire Affair® two-wheel event series.

On September 18th, 2011, at 9:00 am, I will ride from the WalMart parking lot (2980 Fairview Park) in Falls Church, Virginia to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the annual prostate cancer awareness program for the incoming Congress.

Why the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ to Capitol Hill?

Prostate cancer remains a largely unrecognized epidemic in the United States.  There are more new cases of prostate cancer each year than breast cancer, but men’s natural reluctance to talk about the disease lessens the public focus on the disease and, as a result, limits funding for prostate cancer research.

Each September, in conjunction with the return of Congress to Washington, DC after their summer recess, the prostate cancer advocacy groups hold a series of meetings with Congressional members and staff to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

The most compelling way to carry the message is to have as many prostate cancer survivors present as possible, and the Prostate Cancer Pony Express™ can help make this happen.

Moreover, the ride will highlight the importance of knowing the symptoms of prostate cancer and the role and meaning of PSA levels.

How Do You Participate?

You can ride as a participant, contribute as a donor and fundraiser, or both.

Initial event information is available on the Internet at http://bit.ly/ProstateCancerPonyExpress2011. Registration will be open in mid-April.

To be added to the information list, just send your name to 2011PonyExpress@29000men.org.

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Want a Really Great Cycling Jersey for Christmas!

Exercise and Carry the Awareness Message

Exercise, mostly bicycling, has been a huge help to me over the past seven years of my prostate cancer survivorship.

Exercise of any sort provides both mental and physical benefits, and since my treatment in May 2003, I have ridden over 17,300 miles and climbed 238,857 vertical feet.  That’s 69.8% around the world and .022% of the distance to the moon.  But who’s counting?

Want to Wear a Really Great Looking Cycling Jersey? (and help prevent prostate cancer at the same time)

This year we had Primal cycling wear design a kit (jersey and shorts) for us, and I think they look terrific.  I get at least one query about prostate cancer each time I wear it. We’re defeating prostate cancer one man at a time. . . , and you can help.

Me in My Kit. You’ll Look Better, I’m Sure!

How to Order

Just slip on over the the 29000 Men website and click on the “Cycling Gear” tab.  You can check on sizes by sending us an email at robert (dot) hess (at) 29000men (dot) org.

Best Wishes for the Holidays, Robert

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Inaugural Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Pony Express to Washington, DC for Prostate Cancer Awareness

September 2011 will witness the inaugural Prostate Cancer Pony Express ride to Washington, DC for prostate cancer awareness.

I’m in Virginia visiting family for the holidays and making initial plans for the ride.  Our first year will focus on connecting to clubs and riders on the east coast.

We are looking for people to help us contact motorcycling clubs to get the word out.  If you can help, just leave a comment on the blog and we’ll contact you with ride information.

Warm regards,  Robert

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Race Across American Organizers @ Interbike

Another Check on My Life’s Bucket List

Below is a photo of the RAAM organizers at this year’s Interbike exhibit in Las Vegas.  I have thought about competing in the Race Across America a number of times, but the time commitment to train to ride eight days straight while still working was just too daunting.

But, With a Little Help From My Friends. . . .

I stopped by the booth and learned that RAAM has categories for teams, including an eight person team.

A quick calculation and I realized that each member of an 8 person team would only need to ride approximately 65 miles per day for eight days, a total of 520 miles spread out over 8 days, and we’re there.  Well, I’m pretty certain that I can do this and I know there are at least seven other prostate cancer survivors that can do the same.

Thus was born the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s 2012 RAAM team.

How to Be Part of  This Unique Event

Simply leave a comment on this blog with your name and email address and we will place you on the email list to receive information.  You will not be placed on any other email roster.

Rider or Support Volunteer

Along with the 8 riders, we will need a number of support people to drive vehicles, interface with media, still and video recording, etc.  The total time commitment for the ride will include pre-event planning and coordination, 2 days in front of the ride, 8 days on the road, and 2 days at the end to demobilize the team.

We’ll be working out the details over the next months.

How Else Can You Help?

  1. We need people with media contacts and experience to help with media exposure before, during, and following the ride.
  2. Contacts with companies and organizations that can provide financial and in-kind support.
  3. Financial support. We will be posting a fundraising website early in 2011, but you can also help by donating vehicles to the PCAP.
  4. Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Vehicle Donation Program.  If you are considering donating a vehicle for a tax credit, please visit us at http://cardonationtopcap.org.


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